Jack Pandol thinks it necessary to alert us lemmings about the potentially ominous relationship between Ben McAdams and the leaders of the national Democratic Party. He uses bizarre logic in an attempt to offer a specious link between McAdams and D.C. leadership.

If this “degrees of separation” approach is the new campaigning in Utah’s 4th District, then try this: Love is very supportive of highly controversial Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke.

Zinke is stylistically similar to former DOI Secretary James Watt. Watt served in the Reagan administration and attempted to ban a Fourth of July concert at the National Mall by the Beach Boys. President Reagan overruled Watt and the Beach Boys later performed a Fourth of July concert at the Mall. As we are all very aware (stay with me here), the Reagan-supported Beach Boys promote the pro-marijuana surfing lifestyle of Southern California. In conclusion, it’s plainly obvious that Love’s values are those of the hedonistic hemp-centered SoCal surfing lifestyle — whether she will say it out loud or not.

Scott Fenwick, Salt Lake City