It makes sense that Sen. Orrin Hatch would castigate Sen. John McCain for saying he doesn’t want President Trump at his funeral. Hatch has often acted as Senate funeral director and likes to uphold tradition. For instance, Hatch tried to hold a funeral for the Affordable Health Act, which McCain spoiled with a remarkably decent display of patriotism.

Closer to home, Hatch invited Trump to officiate at the funeral for Bears Ears National Monument, held last December in the Utah Capitol building. Trump celebrated ending the life of Bears Ears and dismembering Grand Staircase-Escalante with Hatch-as-funeral-director and many other politicos on the dais grinning.

McCain, Naval officer, prisoner-of-war, U.S. senator, opponent of torture, can invite anyone he darn well pleases to his sendoff.

Even with seven terms to look at, this is one of Hatch’s most truly “ridiculous” statements.

Kevin Holdworth, Parowan