It’s now apparent that Donald Trump, members of his family, campaign organization, presidential staff and Cabinet and rogue operators have colluded with Russia against the United States, the nation whose presidential oath demands that he protect.

This is nothing new for Trump. Working with the American and Russian mafia and oligarchs, he has colluded for over 30 years with the U.S.S.R., which is now back by way of his pal Vladimir Putin. And this not only in the United States and Russia but in Central and South America and in offshore islands, where hundreds of millions of dollars have been laundered. Trump is, in effect, a mole for the KGB and its alphabet soup of incarnations.

During the American Civil War, which cost us more lives than all our other wars combined, young boys of Confederate gray and Union blue were shot by the score for doing less — for offenses as excusable as falling asleep on guard duty after tramping for days through mud and the gore of body parts.

Given what we’ve known now for months, Republicans still supporting this Russian stooge are collaborators in treason. Citizens, do your duty!

Ed Firmage, Samuel D. Thurman professor of law, emeritus, University of Utah