Two issues seem to dominate the news both on TV and in The Tribune. One involves the upsurge in illegal gang activity that has become a nagging problem in Utah. It seems to be particularly troublesome in Kearns and Ogden. The other issue, causing heartburn for conservatives, is what to do with the young undocumented immigrants who were brought to America by their parents when they were too young to remember much, if anything, about the country from which they came.

The solution to these problems is so simple, I’m surprised no one has thought of it. It would work like this: Gang bangers would face a “three offenses and you’re out” situation. For the first two illegal offenses, they would know their freedom was in jeopardy. On the third offense, the gangster would take the place of one of the “Dreamers” and be deported to the country in which the dreamer was born. It wouldn’t matter if the gangster knew the language of the designated country because chances are the dreamer wouldn’t know it either.

Eventually the gangsters’ departures would completely offset the number of individuals hoping for protection under Obama’s DACA program. This would allow our valuable law-abiding immigrants to remain in America while at the same time rid the country of gangsters who not only murder one another, but kill innocent bystanders in their drive-by shootings and other crimes.

I am anxiously awaiting a request for my help in implementing this program.

Sandra Williams