Gary Leimback: A review of what the Trump administration accomplished

FILE - In this Jan. 4, 2021, file photo President Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally for Sen. Kelly Loeffler, R-Ga., and David Perdue at Dalton Regional Airport in Dalton, Ga. Trump will be making his first post-presidential appearance at a conservative gathering in Florida next weekend. Ian Walters, spokesman for the American Conservative Union, confirmed that Trump will be speaking at the group's annual Conservative Political Action Conference on Feb. 28. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File)

Let us review just what four years of the Trump administration has accomplished.

Republicans claim to be the party of the working man. This is a mistaken perception. They still vote legislation that makes the rich richer and supports big business at the expense of workers and union organizations.

It is the Democrats who have fought for higher wages, better health care and a concern for separated immigrant families among other programs to help the ordinary American. There is a deep reason for these mistaken perceptions. Despite all the lambasting of the liberal or progressive viewpoint by conservative pundits, the Democrats hang onto a critically important liberal political philosophy.

Health care – Despite their best efforts to destroy Barack Obama’s health care program, Republicans have offered up no better alternative to the Affordable Care Act. And the ACA has not been improved as it should have been to cover all Americans. For the richest nation in the world to still have people without proper health care is a travesty and a disgrace.

Immigration – Donald Trump has created a totally unworkable immigration system with a backlog of over 25,000 immigrants and asylum seekers waiting to have their cases adjudicated by a sadly understaffed U. S. court system and a system that still cannot cope with an influx of independent youth.

Taxes – Trump’s massive tax cuts, leading to a $2 trillion dollar increase in the national debt, destroyed the claim that Republicans are the fiscally responsible party. This claim is now either a lie or a bad joke.

Deregulation – Deregulation has led to freeing big corporations to pollute the land, air and sea at will. This has been mitigated only by corporations that have felt enough social responsibility to control their own pollutants. But the EPA in several cases has been successfully neutered by the Trump leadership.

Education – Trump put into place an education secretary, Betty Devos, who had no experience with public schools, where 90% of students attend, and pushed for charter schools that cater to wealthy Americans.

Racism - Trump was not blatantly racist like George Wallace, the old Alabama governor. Trump was cleverly a subtle racist, which gave the go-ahead for white racists and white racist groups to flourish and spread their domestic terrorism across the nation.

Foreign policy – Trump’s foreign policy was more bluster than substance.

He weakened our relations with other NATO countries by treating their leaders like children and only grudgingly working with our allies.

He never stood up to Russia but acted as Putin’s pawn fawning over him in their only summit.

His relationship with North Korea was totally bluster as they have continued to pursue their nuclear program full speed ahead.

By getting out of the Nuclear treaty with Iran he assured the reality of their continued race to build a nuclear arsenal with no oversight or control from any Treaty nation and making it nearly impossible to restart the Treaty.

His policies with China led to China’s strengthened position in Asia as well as Africa and South America where China has made significant inroads in influence and the spread of Chinese technology. China is rebuilding their Silk Road to open up Europe, the Middle East and Africa to their trade and influence.

The United States has watched, impotently, as the Hong Kong democracy has been successfully smothered by China.

The Trump energy policy was one of ignoring climate change and its causes and continuing to stress the natural gas, oil and coal production, thereby trying to push our nation back to the 1950′s.

It was Ronald Reagan who said that it is government that is the problem. He began a Republican tradition of placing unqualified people in his cabinet and in positions of power. This contradicts the founding father’s idea of creating a sustainable self-governing kind of government.

Self-governing meaning that the citizens of our nation have the intelligence and capacity to direct our own affairs by an intelligently run set of political institutions. (Notice the emphasis on intelligence). We do not need a tyrant or a dictator or a political mesmerizer to lead us. Our government is to be led, as Abraham Lincoln said, by the people, of the people and for the people.

Gary Leimback

Gary Leimback lives in Salt Lake City thinking that if your tired of waiting for Republicans to come to their senses, join the Democratic party.

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