Andrew Kramer: Our politics are failing our people

(Photo courtesy Kael Weston) Kael Weston, Democratic candidate for Utah's 2nd Congressional District.

Kael Weston is a man with a destiny borne in Utah. Kael is running for Congress, driven by a truth that seeks to improve life in our state, enlighten our country, reenergize our world image and, most critically, remove the weight of dishonor, distraction and deception generated by Donald Trump’s takeover of the Republican Party.

The fundamental truth that drives Kael to seek political office — that incumbent Rep. Chris Stewart fails to understand — and underlies Kael’s campaign is: “Our politics are failing our people.”

As a fourth-generation Utahn raised in Orem, Kael has a profound understanding of the challenges facing us statewide. In addition to being our advocate, his experience with the State Department makes him exceptionally well qualified to help solve our nations’s problems and be effective with foreign affairs.

Following his assignment with the U.S. delegation to the Untied Nations, Kael spent seven years in many of the most dangerous, war-torn areas in Iraq and Afghanistan improving the lives of people and assisting the Marine Corps as political advisor.

Kael’s unique skills helped him bring together diverse groups — many with longstanding animosities — to help repair broken lives, rebuild infrastructure and bridge political/ideological differences. His ability to listen to all sides, foster cooperation and inspire positive change from extremist groups like the Taliban is exactly the experience we urgently need in Washington to heal our current political divide.

For his courage and leadership, Kael Weston was awarded the Secretary of State’s Medal for Heroism. In his acclaimed book, “The Mirror Test,” Kael describes his insights and experiences — sometimes horrific — in Iraq and Afghanistan.

There’s a vast difference between Kael Weston and Chris Stewart. Kael’s priorities are people oriented — health care, living wages, public lands, climate policies, money in politics, veterans’ issues, equal rights for all and more.

While Stewart claims he works for us, his record proves otherwise. With health care for example, Stewart voted over 40 times to end the Affordable Care Act. He supports the pending GOP court case to eliminate the ACA which, in the midst of COVID, would add millions to those already uninsured.

By contrast, Kael supports health care coverage for all of us that is not tied to employment, eliminates pre-existing condition requirements and doesn’t force us to choose between health care and bankruptcy. He supports lowering prescription drug costs, prioritizing rural health care and other people-oriented policies.

In 2017, Stewart and the Republicans passed $2 trillion in tax breaks, more than 80% of which benefit the corporate and wealthy elite, the GOP’s paymasters. Now, in the face of COVID, Republicans refuse to provide adequately for millions of suffering Americans.

Last May, in response to the COVID emergency, House Democrats passed a $3 trillion bill that, among other safeguards, would relieve the dire financial stress of millions when unemployment benefits expired at the end of July. Despite extreme urgency, this legislation is stalled by Trump and Republicans in the Senate. Stewart and the GOP are proposing relief that is woefully inadequate. As Kael asserts, “Our politics are failing our people.”

Regarding accountability and ethics, Stewart’s unfettered allegiance to Trump prevents him from initiating independent thought and action necessary to serve Utahns and all Americans. For example, Stewart supports Trump’s push toward dictatorship including Trump’s ongoing assault on congressional authority which undermines constitutionally mandated checks and balances.

In response, Kael Weston states, “The U.S. system of checks and balances requires public servants of conscience and wisdom, not allegiance to partisanship. We should insist on high standards of conduct and judgment in our politicians — or fire them and hire those willing to listen and lead. Utahns can make this happen at the ballot box.”

In short, Stewart will continue his lapdog defense of Trump and his 20,000 lies. Stewart will stay stuck in his sadly outdated ideology even though it fails the vast majority of us. Simply put, Stewart is living in the past without the capacity to imagine the future.

In sharp contrast, Kael’s experience, competence and successes are proven and formidable. If elected, he will master the job of Congressman as our powerful ally.

To learn more, visit westonforcongress.com. For testimonials, see “Kael Weston: Character and Perseverance” at youtube.com.

Andrew Kramer

Andrew Kramer is a Vietnam veteran and retired architect who managed large projects with firms in Boston and Denver.