As we look at the unrest across the country occurring right now, we could look solely at the one instance that caused this uproar and unrest, but that would be completely unjust to every single citizen, and most importantly every person of color, in the United States.

We all know, whether we want to admit it or not, that this is not an anomaly and not an isolated incident. It would be unreasonable and incredibly offensive to dismiss this movement and not acknowledge how many other offenses have occurred that have gone unpublicized in the past.

To dismiss this movement, uproar, and anger is to dismiss the experiences of Black and Brown Americans; to dismiss the institutionalized and systemic racism and oppression society has put on them; and to dismiss their most basic right of equality and fair treatment. We as a people, no matter our race or ethnicity, need to accept that we have a widespread, systematic problem that we need to work together to change.

We need to take actual steps to enact real and permanent change and call our government and their systems what they really are: institutionalized oppressive systems that were built to benefit white Americans in the past and still have components that favor white Americans best interests over others.

The 2020 election will influence our country for many more years than anyone will know and could ultimately cause rifts inside our country that may never be repairable. We as Americans need to stand up and demand a leader who is a leader for the whole country not just a sample of our country’s population.

That is the problem with Donald Trump. He is only a leader for his base and caters to them no matter the consequences. We need a leader who stands up for what’s right for all of us and stands up against racist people, no matter if they are his supporters, and Trump has proven time and time again to not be up to that task.

He ultimately caters to his supporters, many of them who constantly spew hate and offensive stereotypes. Anyone who stands with oppression, racism and hate should never be in a position of power in this country.

Donald Trump ran on a campaign of “Making America Great Again.” However, there was never a time America was great for everyone in it. And none of his supporters acknowledge that, because almost all of them are, in fact, white.

America has been great for white people, as the country was built to elevate white people above everyone else.

The leader of the United States should not be a leader by divisiveness. Instead they should lead the country by uniting people as a whole and not dividing them. Trump has in fact led by dividing and has not in the slightest bit tried to unite this country as one.

This is why we need to vote. This is why another four years of Trump will prove catastrophic for this country and the issues that people are currently protesting against. And this is why everyone in the country, with even an ounce of decency and respect for what is right for all of us, needs to deny Trump another four years in the most powerful position in the world.

Addison Trupp

Addison Trupp, Cottonwood Heights, is a student at Utah State University, where he is on the football team and is majoring in sociology and political science.