‘The Rundown’: A bleak warning about kids and COVID

A Utah ICU doctor says ‘kids are getting sicker’ during the latest coronavirus spike

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A stark warning about kids and COVID

There was a very bleak post on the r/SaltLakeCity subreddit over the weekend from an ICU doctor following the tragic news that a teenager had died from COVID-19.

“Friendly neighborhood ICU doc reporting. Won’t be the last death,” a user wrote.

“Kids are getting sicker this time around, and it is happening more frequently. This includes newborns, toddlers, teens. Has not spared any of them. There are multiple cases on the ventilator, which is not something that happens routinely in children,” they wrote.

They said in their Reddit post that their hospital is seeing spikes that are “nearing levels of what associate with a bad flu season,” and many pediatric patients were spending time in the emergency department waiting for a bed due to the crush of cases.

“The Rundown” reached out and verified this person’s credentials as a doctor who works with children at a hospital in Utah but asked us not to use their name.

In a text message exchange, the ICU doctor said most of the children they’ve taken care of recently have done well and not needed much support. They’re worried the situation could worsen.

“We are seeing a lot of respiratory viruses pop up concurrently - RSV, para flu, rhinovirus - at levels we normally see in the middle of the winter respiratory season. Combined with covid admissions, this is putting a strain on the resources available for other children. At some point in the last couple of weeks, children were waiting in the emergency room waiting for a bed which is not something that is done a lot. (The hospital I work at) had patients transferred for ICU care from intermountain health because Primary Children’s couldn’t make space for them in a timely fashion (trust me, they don’t send kids out of their system unless they really need to). This makes it difficult to provide timely care for patients who come in with acute needs, or patients with chronic illnesses that flare unexpectedly,” they said.

They added The situation is not completely dire, but the signs are not good.

“Overall, kids seem to do much better than adults. But that doesn’t mean that we aren’t seeing poor outcomes. Several pediatric patients have died already in Utah, and we are seeing more admissions for minor respiratory illness across all age groups. In states that had flares a bit earlier, my colleagues are taking care of patients on (ECMO) bypass machines at higher rates than prior spikes, and MISC that we are seeing are sicker as well,” they said.

Here’s what you need to know for Tuesday morning

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