West Valley City is coming up with an extra $5.4 million beyond available federal funds to rebuild 4100 South after bids came in 29 percent over estimates and threatened to delay or halt it.

The Utah Transportation Commission — which had managed federal funds for the project for the city — on Friday accepted an offer from the city to make up the difference and allow it to proceed.

“This is a very important project to the city,” Daniel Johnson, the city engineer, wrote to the commission.

The project will fully reconstruct the roadway between Bangerter Highway and 5460 West, including its storm drain system, water lines and traffic signals.

Officials had figured the work would cost $20.7 million. Bids came in much higher, and it now will cost $26.1 million. Utah Department of Transportation officials said bids have come in high recently because of increased labor costs resulting from a low employment rate, fewer available workers, and many ongoing construction projects.

The West Valley City Council recently passed a resolution to provide the extra money needed for the project saying it “is in the best interests of health, safety and welfare” of its residents.

Of note, when The Salt Lake Tribune recently asked readers to nominate where the worst potholes were on streets this spring, several listed 4100 South.

Correction: An earlier version of the story incorrectly said 4100 South is a state highway. It is a city road.