Senate election foes Romney and Wilson agree on one thing: they’re pro-fry sauce

(Rick Egan | Tribune file photo) Pastrami burger, shakes and french fries at American Burgers on Main Street in Tooele. Tribune readers voted American Burgers as their favorite restaurant in Tooele County. Wednesday, August 19, 2015.

Former Massachusetts governor and Republican Senate candidate Mitt Romney may not be as Utahn as fry sauce, but he does enjoy the state’s signature — and divisive — hybrid condiment.

Asked about his dipping habits, Romney told The Tribune that he had eaten tater tots and fry sauce during his lunch on Wednesday, and joked about the need for the Beehive State to purse legal action against the H.J. Heinz Company over its new “Mayochup Saucy Sauce” product.

“[It] is an outrage, a breach of copyright and good taste,” Romney said of Heinz' ketchup-and-mayonnaise blend. “It should be described as ‘Fry Sauce, invented in Utah,' for which we should receive a generous royalty.”

Romney’s Democratic opponent, Salt Lake County Councilwoman Jenny Wilson, was similarly enthusiastic about Utah’s traditional dipping sauce.

“I love Utah fry sauce,” Wilson said. “I believe that all levels of the government — especially the federal government — should support it.”

But Wilson is also a fry sauce traditionalist, opposed to some variant and experimental recipes.

“We need regulation to prevent the addition of additives such as barbecue [sauce] or relish,” Wilson said.

Romney recently stated that his favorite meat is hot dog. And while he enjoys fry sauce, he told The Tribune there are occasions when he opts for plain ketchup.

“Straight ketchup is sweeter, but fry sauce is fatter,” Romney said, “so they both have their attractive features.”