A Wednesday recount confirmed narrow margins of victory in Salt Lake City and Sandy council primary elections.

George Chapman edged Noah Rosenberg by six votes and will challenge Salt Lake City District 5 incumbent Erin Mendenhall.

Dea Theodore will take on Sandy District 3’s Kris Nicholl after her nine-vote lead over Jim Edwards held up in the recount.

Chapman had actually trailed Rosenberg by 10 votes on election night, while Theodore had seen her 45-vote margin shrink to a tie as more ballots were counted.

In Mendenhall, Chapman faces a general election opponent who received 74 percent of the primary votes, having had under 9 percent himself.

Theodore has less ground to make up against Nicholl, who only captured 41 percent of the primary vote. Both Theodore and Edwards finished with 23 percent, while Steven Calbert garnered 13 percent.

The general election is Nov. 7.