Here’s the scorecard Salt Lake City used to decide which elementary schools should be studied for possible closure

Take a look at the number studied by Salt Lake City School District, including student population, building age and safety.

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Salt Lake City school board members voted Tuesday night to move forward with its list of seven schools to study for possible closure.

The schools that will be looked at are: Emerson, Hawthorne, Riley, Wasatch, Bennion, Mary W. Jackson and Newman elementary schools.

But parents and community members have said they’re frustrated and confused by the selections.

So how did these schools make the list? What considerations were used to pick them?

The district said it ranked each of its 27 elementary schools over 12 factors spanning four categories. Those included student population numbers, age of the building, safety and more. (Though the district also looked at bus drop off and pick ups, those didn’t ultimately get factored in).

Here’s what the district’s scorecard looked like: