Fired Woods Cross police officers charged with shooting at fleeing vehicle

Prosecutors file charges of aggravated assault against him.

A former Woods Cross police officer has been charged with a pair of felonies for shooting at a fleeing suspect back in February.

Joshua John Lindsey, 39, of Kaysville was charged in 2nd District Court with two counts of aggravated assault, third-degree felonies. He was fired by the Woods Cross Police Department in July.

Lindsey was on duty on Feb. 7 when he saw what he said he believed was a “suspicious” truck near the Manheim auto auction yard at 1650 W. 500 South in Woods Cross.

Lindsey told investigators he ordered the truck’s two occupants to get out with their hands up, and they did not comply. According to the charges, he charged at the truck as it was “trying to maneuver away from him,” firing four shots at the vehicle and the two people inside it with his 9mm Glock duty handgun.

While Lindsey told investigators the truck was accelerating toward him, surveillance footage showed the driver was driving in reverse, away from the officer, and he was running after it.

“Fortunately for all concerned, the defendant’s shots hit the vehicle and missed the victims inside,” according to the charges.

Lindsey told investigators he was trying to pop the truck’s tires and disable it. According to Woods Cross police, the department’s policy prohibits firing at a vehicle unless it poses an “imminent threat” to an officer or members of the public.

A summons has been issued for Lindsey. No court dates have yet been scheduled.