Here’s how you can view The Tribune’s new e-edition and new app

Your experience will be faster and it will be easier to navigate between stories and pages.

The new Salt Lake Tribune app and e-edition display.

On Tuesday, The Salt Lake Tribune launched a new e-edition and app.

And, yes, for those of you keeping track at home, we updated our app earlier this year. We thought long and hard about doing it again because we know it can be an adjustment for our regular readers.

After the previous update, however, we heard from you and you shared areas where you saw room for improvement.

You told us you wanted to print the puzzles from the e-edition and the app. And that the type displayed in a disjointed manner on some stories in the e-edition. Also, you wanted it to be easier to navigate from story to story or page to page.

The new app and e-edition make improvements in all of these areas, plus more.

Here are some of the benefits of the new platform:

  • It will load faster on both app and desktop.

  • It’s easier to navigate.

  • The design is interactive, which means you can click on a story, and it pops up in a reader view.

  • It’s easier to read on a mobile device.

  • There are multiple viewing options (i.e., at the story level and page level).

  • The puzzles are easier to print.

  • The archive now goes back for 90 editions instead of 30.

  • Audio and video capabilities are improved, and the new product translates into 16 languages.

  • It’s easier to save stories to read later (thanks to an area called my library).

If you access the e-edition via the daily email, visit eedition.sltrib.com/ as a logged-in user and you’ll continue to receive the email each morning.

To visit the new e-edition landing page, you can go to eedition.sltrib.com/ or click on the e-edition links in the navigation bars at the top of sltrib.com (we suggest adding a bookmark for the e-edition).

Or you can pull it up by using The Salt Lake Tribune app. Here is a mini tour of our new app:

If the app you have on your phone or tablet is not a white square with a black T, you have the old one and will need to update your app. Which is to say, if you are not set up for apps to auto-update on your phone, please update your Tribune app.

If you haven’t used our app, you can find it in the Google or Apple app stores, just search for “Salt Lake Tribune.”

E-edition users who use only the website won’t have to log in again, but app users will.

Customer support is available at subscribe@sltrib.com or 801-237-2900.

We have a small and mighty team that’s working to be responsive to your feedback as it makes improvements, most recently in the comments space and with this announcement in the e-edition and app changes. We are grateful for your patience over the next week or so as we transition.

And we are grateful, too, for your continued support of Tribune journalism.