Mapleton lifts boil-water order

Test show no signs of harmful bacteria.

Mapleton has lifted its boil-water order after tests showed no sign of E. coli or coliform in the city’s water.

Residents were notified Thursday that samples taken from the springs, which supply about 5% of the city’s water, showed the presence of the bacteria. The tests were taken before the water was treated with chlorine. The city immediately stopped using spring water and issued the boil-water order.

The presence of E. coli bacteria indicates the water may be contaminated with human or animal waste.

Two sets of samples taken 24 hours apart showed no signs either E. coli or coliform.

Before Mapleton residents begin using tap water again, they’re urged to run water for a minimum of two minutes to flush out pipes; purge water from pipes, ice makers, beverage makers and water heaters; clean and sanitize sinks and equipment connected to water lines; and clean faucet screens and dishwasher strainers.

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