Chase or race on Redwood Road ends with a crash and a 19-year-old driver shot to death

Police say they arrested a 16-year-old who had a “feud” with the victim.

A 19-year-old driver was shot and killed in West Jordan on Sunday night after what police say was either a race or a chase on Redwood Road.

According to police, two cars sped north at about 10 p.m. from 9000 South on Redwood Road to 7800 South, where there was a collision involving four vehicles. When officers arrived, they found 19-year-old Caeser Manenche had been shot. He was taken to a hospital, where he died a short time later.

Police said they arrested a 16-year-old “documented” gang member who had an “ongoing feud with the victim.”

No one in the other two cars was injured.

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