Utah woman charged in fatal car collision almost a year ago

She told police she wasn’t paying attention, but she had prescription drugs in her system.

A South Jordan woman has been charged after she allegedly ran a red light and collided with another car, killing the driver, almost a year ago.

Pamela Kelly, 49, was charged Wednesday in 3rd District Court with driving with a controlled substance in her system, causing a death, a second-degree felony; possession or use of a controlled substance, a Class A misdemeanor; and running a red light, an infraction.

According to the charges, on May 13, 2020, Kelly was driving her Nissan Murano south on Redwood Road when she ran a red light at 6200 South, striking a Toyota Camry that was turning north. According to a witness in a northbound Buick Rendezvous, who was waiting to turn onto 6200 South, the Toyota “ricocheted off” her car after it was struck.

The driver of the Toyota, Andrew Steven Miller-Jenkins, 35, was taken to a hospital. The Cottonwood Heights man later died of his injuries.

According to Unified Police, Kelly said she “had not been paying attention” and that she “tried to brake but was unable to avoid the collision.” A “speed analysis” determined that the light had been red for more than 7 seconds before the collision.

Kelly told police she had a prescription to treat ADHD, but she had not consumed alcohol or illegal drugs. In her car, detectives found two bottles marked as Pantoprazole (a medication to treat gastroesophageal reflux disease) — but one contained “a mixture of medicines,” according to the charges, including Pantoprazole, amphetamine (a stimulant), dextroamphetamine (used to treat ADHD), Escitalopram (an anxiety medication) and two unknown pills.

A blood test found amphetamine and methamphetamine in Kelly’s system, according to the charges. She is scheduled to appear in court on May 27.

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