Locksmith helps woman escape kidnapping

A locksmith showed up at a Midway home for a simple job on Friday, but ended up helping a woman escape from a kidnapping.

The locksmith, who went to the home on Friday to re-key the front door, called police after the woman discreetly showed him she had written “911” on her hand, according to a probable cause statement. The locksmith said that a man in the home stayed close to the woman the entire time he was there, and that the woman had to ask the man for her own phone in order to pay for the re-keying.

According to police, when an officer arrived to investigate, the woman answered the door, walked out quickly and told the officer the man was downstairs. The man told police he and the woman had “argued and that was it," and denied that their argument had gotten physical.

However, the victim told police the suspect had entered her house the previous night — he had a key — took her phone and refused to leave. He was, she said, “holding her in her room against her will," and he had hurt her when he “pushed against her face hard." The suspect also threatened to harm himself and burn her house down, the victim said, and he would not give her her phone so she could not call for help.

The 45-year-old suspect, from West Jordan, was charged in 4th District Court with aggravated kidnapping, a third-degree felony; criminal trespass, a class-A misdemeanor; and domestic violence assault, a class-B misdemeanor.

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