A Utah man is accused of brandishing a gun at a group of people over the Trump flags on their ATV and then shooting at his wife and her companions while he was drunk on a mountain on the Fourth of July.

Witnesses in Fillmore canyon said the man, 40, pulled a gun out of his waistband and pointed it at five people, commenting on the Trump flags flying from their four-wheeler and telling a child in the group that “he was going to come break into his house and kill his family,” police wrote.

The man earlier had pointed a gun at his wife’s head and threatened to killer her, firing the gun at some point, police wrote. The woman fled from the man, police wrote. But after he confronted the group with the ATV, the man found his wife elsewhere on the mountain with five other people, police wrote.

The man “pointed the gun at all of them and began firing it out of the window of his vehicle, getting closer and closer to the victims before ceasing fire,” police wrote.

He then pulled out what was described as an “AR-type rifle” and pointed it at the group that included his wife before driving away, police wrote.

When police found the man on Lower Chalk Creek Road, he apparently did not have the guns that witnesses said he pointed at them; police wrote that they believe he threw them out of the car window. A preliminary breath test showed that the man was drunk when he was arrested, police wrote.

The man was charged Monday with 11 counts aggravated assault, six counts of felony discharge of a firearm, three counts of possessing a firearm as a restricted person and witness tampering, all third-degree felonies; second-degree felony carrying a concealed firearm; and other misdemeanors.