A 25-year-old was convicted Jan. 13 of disrupting a meeting for shouting “stop protecting sexual predators” during a session of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ General Conference.

Salt Lake City prosecutors originally charged Crystal Legionaires, who uses they/them pronouns, with a misdemeanor but reduced the charge before the trial, FOX 13 reported. A judge fined Legionaires $340, put them on probation and barred them from Temple Square for a year.

“I don’t think your message is wrong. I think your timing and your place is inappropriate and also is in violation of the law,” Judge Sydney Magid told Legionaires.

Legionaires’ outburst came during a spring 2018 session of General Conference. Legionaires testified that they shouted during the meeting because “there were so many individuals who are hurting” from sexual abuse.

While a witness testified Monday that the outburst was disruptive, Legionaires’ defense attorney argued it was not, noting that the meeting kept on going.

Church leaders declined to comment on the trial.

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