Utah woman accused of falsely reporting that her husband killed her

A Bluffdale woman has been charged with a felony for posing as her husband to text his suspected mistress that he had killed his wife, to see how she would react.

On June 25, the husband told police he and his wife were arguing because he was talking to the other woman; the wife said he was cheating on her with the woman, investigators wrote in charging documents.

The wife used her husband’s phone to text the other woman, police wrote. Posing as her husband, she wrote that he had shot his wife and didn’t know what to do. The woman texted back to ask whether he was serious, and, still posing as the husband, the wife confirmed “it wasn’t a joke,” police wrote.

The woman asked if she should call an ambulance, and received the reply, “Yes,” police wrote. She called 911 and directed responders to the couple’s house.

Officers from three departments arrived and “set up containment” around the house before ordering the husband to come outside. While they tried to contact the husband, the wife, who they believed had been shot, walked up to the officers.

The wife confessed to sending the false texts to the other woman, saying she wanted to see how the woman would respond and whether she would help her husband cover up the crime, police wrote.

The husband reported that she also destroyed his laptop during the fight, police wrote.

The wife was charged in 3rd District Court with filing a false emergency report involving an injury or death, a third-degree felony, and misdemeanor criminal mischief. The felony charge carries a potential sentence of up to five years in prison.

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