A 44-year-old Bluffdale woman was arrested after a fight with her husband — because she reported he had shot and killed her.

At 2:05 a.m. on Tuesday, Bluffdale police were contacted by another woman who said she had received texts from the husband’s cell phone number “stating he had shot his wife and didn’t know what to do,” according to a probable cause statement. The woman asked if he was serious, and “she received more text messages … confirming it wasn’t a joke” — that his wife was dead in their Bluffdale home.

Officers from the Saratoga Spring, Bluffdale, Herriman and Unified Police departments went to the home, surrounded it and called for the husband to come outside. As they were attempting to contact him, the wife — “who was believed to be the one [the husband] shot” — walked up to officers and identified herself.

According to police, the husband told them he and his wife had been arguing; she took his cellphone and left their residence. She returned a short time later and the arguing continued; she threw his laptop on the ground, breaking it.

Police said the wife admitted she sent the false text messages about her own death because she “wanted to see how the [other woman] would respond” — if she would help her husband “covering up the crime.”

The wife was arrested for investigation of making a false emergency report and criminal mischief.