Ogden brothers shot — one fatally — in alleged robbery of prescription drugs, cash and two pieces of clothing

(Photo courtesy of Weber County jail) Theron Farmer and Daniel Viegas Gonzalez

An 18-year-old Ogden man was killed and his brother shot multiple times Monday as part of a robbery, according to court documents filed Friday.

The alleged robbers — 23-year-old Theron Farmer and 28-year-old Daniel Viegas Gonzalez — left the home with Xanax, a “small” amount of cash, a pair of pants and a coat, according to court documents.

Farmer, who was arrested Tuesday in Layton, told police he and Viegas Gonzalez had planned to buy drugs from Kamron Johnson and his elder brother Eric Jr., 20. When the pair arrived at the home near 860 West Lake St., Eric Johnson Jr. told police Viegas Gonzalez pulled out a gun and started shooting while Farmer raided the home.

Kamron Johnson was killed and Eric Jr. was critically injured in the shooting.

After his arrest, Farmer told police that Viegas Gonzalez shot the brothers, and then he and Viegas Gonzalez looted the house, according to court documents. Police allege in court documents Farmer helped planned the robbery, including “contacting the Johnsons to make sure they were home, so they could be robbed.”

Eric Johnson Jr. described Farmer as a “one-time friend,” court documents state.

Ogden police arrested Viegas Gonzalez on Thursday on suspicion of aggravated murder, aggravated robbery, obstructing justice and possession of a dangerous weapon by a restricted person.

Farmer was charged Friday with first-degree felony counts of aggravated murder, attempted aggravated murder, and aggravated robbery, and a second-degree felony count of obstructing justice.