Abby Huntsman just joined the panel on ABC’s “The View” in September, but she’ll be taking some extended time off in a few months — maternity leave.

The 32-year-old mother of one will soon be the mother of three, she announced on the show on Wednesday.

“We are pregnant, my husband and I,” Huntsman said. “And we’re having a girl … and a boy.”

The Utah native — daughter of former Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. — was surprised when she learned she’s having twins. She said her husband, Jeffrey Livingston, was shocked.

“My husband, by the way, fainted in the doctor’s office when he found out,” said Huntsman, who admitted she’s a bit concerned herself.

“We're going to have three kids under 18 months in our apartment in New York City,” she said. “So any twin moms — parents — please give me any advice you have. Because I know nothing about this.”

Huntsman and Livingston are the parents of 13-month-old Isabel, but she's not sure that has entirely prepared her for twins.

“I mean, I don’t even know how you feed two,” Huntsman said.

“Well, you got two breasts, so that’s a good start,” said Whoopi Goldberg.

Editor’s note: Paul Huntsman, Abby’s uncle, is owner and publisher of The Salt Lake Tribune.