An Orem man who used a drone to video people in the bedrooms and bathrooms was given a suspended jail sentence and must do community service.

Aaron Dennis Foote, 40, was sentenced last week to 180 days — 160 days of jail time suspended and 20 days of community service — after pleading no contest to an amended class B misdemeanor charge of “voyeurism by electronic equipment concealed or disguised,” according to court documents.

He also must pay a $500 fine as part of a 12-month probation.

Foote and 35-year-old Terisha Lee Norviel originally faced a class A misdemeanor charge of voyeurism after an Orem man saw a drone flying outside his bathroom window in December 2016.

The man followed it as flew away and found it in a nearby church parking lot. He looked at the drone’s SD card and found footage of people in their homes, in addition to videos of the drone’s pilot.

The man called police, who found Foote after identifying his pickup truck in the drone footage. The couple was charged Jan. 19.

Norviel pleaded no contest in abeyance Oct. 13 to an amended charge of making false statements at a preliminary hearing.

If Norviel meets the conditions of her plea, such as completing a Thinking Errors class and committing no crimes during her 18-month abeyance period, the charge will be dismissed.

Foote pleaded guilty to a class B misdemeanor charge of voyeurism in 2008 and was placed on probation, which required him to complete a voyeurism treatment program.