Harvey Weinstein’s name removed from credits as made-in-Utah TV show ‘Yellowstone’ kicks off cast auditions

<b>Scandal • </b>Disgraced Hollywood mogul no longer an executive producer of new show starring Kevin Costner — and production is not affected.

(Leah Hogsten | The Salt Lake Tribune) Josh Markham and Yenis Roberts share a laugh during Saturday's casting call at Salt Lake Community College, October 14, 2017 to play an extra for the upcoming series "Yellowstone," filmed in Utah staring Kevin Costner.

The Harvey Weinstein scandal has affected the made-in-Utah TV series “Yellowstone” — but only in the most superficial way.

Weinstein’s name has been removed from the credits, where he was listed as an executive producer because it’s being produced under the auspices of The Weinstein Company. But that was his only involvement in the series, which is being headlined by Kevin Costner.

Other than removing a line from the credits of a show that won’t premiere until sometime in early 2018, the scandal hasn’t touched “Yellowstone.”

Not for a second. Not for a moment,” said a Spike TV spokesman. “We’re in the middle of production. It’s going great. Nothing is stopping [or] slowing down.”

(Spike will be renamed the Paramount Network on Jan. 18.)

(Leah Hogsten | The Salt Lake Tribune) l-r Parker Kvinge, 16, and her mother Laura Kvinge fill out required paperwork during Saturday's casting call at Salt Lake Community College, October 14, 2017 to play an extra for the upcoming series "Yellowstone," filmed in Utah starring Kevin Costner.

The production, which is looking to hire thousands of locals to work as extras, held an open casting call in Sandy on Saturday.

Harvey Weinstein has been accused of sexual harassment and/or sexual assault by a growing list of women, including Rosanna Arquette, Heather Graham, Angelina Jolie, Ashley Judd, Rose McGowan, Gwyneth Paltrow and Mira Sorvino. On Sunday, he was fired by the board of TWC, the film and TV company he co-founded with his brother, Bob, in 2005.

Harvey Weinstein’s name is being removed from the credits of all of TWC’s productions, including “Project Runway,” which is in the midst of airing its 16th season on the cable channel Lifetime; “Waco,” a scripted drama about David Koresh and his cult that ended in tragedy in 1993, which is scheduled to premiere on Paramount on Jan. 24; and “Rest in Power: The Trayvon Martin Story,” which will air on Paramount at a later date.

As is the case with countless people credited as executive producers on countless TV series, Harvey Weinstein’s name was attached to “Yellowstone” for purely business reasons. He was not involved in the creative process; he never visited the set.

(Photo courtesy Paramount) Kevin Costner stars in the upcoming, made-in-Utah TV series "Yellowstone.

“Yellowstone” is the brainchild of Oscar-nominated writer/director Taylor Sheridan (“Hell or High Water”), and he has creative control. The series stars Oscar winner Costner, who is also an executive producer, as the patriarch of a family that owns the largest contiguous ranch in the United States, which borders on Yellowstone National Park.

The 10-episode first season is being shot near Park City through December and is projected to bring $28 million to the local economy and employ a cast and crew of more than 300, according to the Utah Film Commission.

Casting directors Kelly Hunt and Tracy Dixon on Saturday met those interested in being paid extras on “Yellowstone,” which continues in production in Utah through December.