Utah Hike of the Week: The Living Room — Salt Lake City

Erin Alberty | The Salt Lake Tribune Hikers relax May 9, 2017 on the rock seats propped up in the Living Room, a popular hiking destination above Salt Lake City.

The Living Room is one of the most popular hikes in Salt Lake City, and this is not its first appearance as The Tribune's Hike of the Week. But the routes have changed over the years, and May is such a lovely time to get into the Wasatch foothills. There were loads of flowers when I visited, with many more buds to open. There is no bad time to take in the view from the overlook where flat rocks have been arranged into sofas and armchairs. Sunset is beautiful but may be crowded.

Directions •From Foothill Drive near the University of Utah, take Wakara Way northeast to Colorow Drive, the final intersecting road before the Natural History Museum and Red Butte Garden. Turn southeast on Colorow Drive and park along the road. The trailhead is about 0.3 mile from Wakara.

Hike • From the trailhead, take the well-worn footpaths about 0.15 mile to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. About 20 yards to the southeast, a well-worn trail rises uphill. When I visited, there was a large sign with the number 174 marking the turn. Take the trail east up the hill; it will merge with another trail about a tenth of a mile up and continue uphill. Stay on this main trail as it winds east and north; the trail is clear. About 1.1 mile from the trailhead, take a sharp turn southwest; the Living Room is about a tenth of a mile ahead, at the end of the trail. Feel free to put your feet up on the furniture and enjoy the view.

Digital map available at https://drive.google.com/open?id=1LNLyCmC4YKyoaQN3-ocShpjhn8c&usp=sharing.

— Erin Alberty

Destination: Living Room rock benches

Hiking time • 2 hours

Round-trip miles • 2.3 miles

Elevation gain • 1,000 feet

Difficulty • Moderate

Trailhead restrooms • No

Dogs allowed • Yes

Bikes allowed • n/a

Fees • None

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