Did a Utah contestant win $200,000 on CBS’ ‘Tough as Nails’?

Scott Henry dominated the competition leading up to the season finale.

(Photo courtesy of CBS) Utahn Scott Henry and host/executive producer Phil Keoghan on "Tough as Nails."

A Utah man who set out to prove he’s “Tough as Nails” made it to the finals of the CBS competition series. And Scott Henry was a favorite to win it all.

Did he win? Spoiler alert: Keep reading to find out.

Henry is $200,000 richer as the champion of Season 2 of “Tough as Nails.” And the 40-year-old Orem native/Ogden resident also won a brand-new pickup truck.

Not bad for a guy who almost didn’t respond when “Tough as Nails” producers invited him to compete because he thought the email was fake.

(Photo courtesy of CBS) Utahn Scott Henry competed on Season 2 of "Tough as Nails."

“I was blessed to be just a part of this competition, to be part of ‘Tough as Nails,’” Henry said. “And even more blessed and honored to be the champion of Season 2.”

In the first round of the competition in Wednesday’s finale, Henry teamed with Sarah Burkett in a steel-working challenge. They narrowly beat the other two finalists, who faced off in a beam-climbing challenge. Cyril “Zeus” Ontai III defeated Swifty Sanders to make it to the final three.

And Henry outraced Burkett and Ontai in an obstacle course in the final challenge. They had to bash through a wall with a sledgehammer, jackhammer a concrete block, use bolt cutters to get through a chainlink fence, move lobster traps to create steps to climb a shipping container, use a hacksaw to cut through a chain, cross a narrow beam, untie knots, rig a chain ladder and climb up more shipping containers to win the competition, the $200,000 and the truck.

“Tough as Nails” featured 12 contestants CBS described as “hardworking Americans who are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty.” In the previous nine episodes, they did everything from breaking up concrete to baiting lobster traps, racing bulldozers to landscaping yards.

(Photo courtesy of CBS) Utahn Scott Henry competes on "Tough as Nails."

The competition was tough enough that two of the 12 contestants had to leave the show after suffering injuries.

The show featured both team and individual challenges and — barring injuries — contestants remained on the show to compete in team challenges after being eliminated from the competition to win the $200,000 individual prize.

Henry’s team, dubbed Savage Crew, won five of the nine team competitions, each worth $12,000 (split five ways). For winning a majority of the team challenges, Savage Crew claimed a $60,000 bonus. In addition to his first-place winnings, Henry tool home an additional $24,000 as his share of his team’s earnings.

The 6-foot-7 Utahn was a dominant force on Season 2 of “Tough as Nails,” winning three of the nine individual challenges and finishing second in three others. Henry never finished a challenge in the bottom two, and never faced elimination from the individual competition.

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