State legislators to consider limiting local stay-home orders during coronavirus

Bethany Rodgers By Bethany Rodgers 1h ago

Robert Gehrke: Vote by mail isn’t nearly as scary as coronavirus. Just ask us Utahns.

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U of U, Intermountain researchers launch study of malaria drug’s use in coronavirus cases

Bethany Rodgers By Bethany Rodgers 2h ago

Welcome to Utah, precautions elevated! Beginning Friday, adults arriving in Utah will be required to fill out health forms.

Lee Davidson By Lee Davidson 3h ago

New research links air pollution to higher coronavirus death rates

By Lisa Friedman | The New York Times 5h ago

Transit ridership is way down, but that's OK. UTA urges people to stay home if possible.

Lee Davidson By Lee Davidson 7h ago

Utah updates its emergency care protocol, as advocates worry about discrimination against disabled COVID-19 patients

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University of Utah model shows Utah’s new coronavirus cases could peak this week

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The Utah Grizzlies had their hockey season cut short by COVID-19; for some players, it might have been a career-ender

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Denver opening roomier shelter, hotel rooms for homeless

By The Associated Press 10h ago

Some Utah liquor store employees, worried about safety, wonder why alcohol sales are deemed ‘essential’

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Live coronavirus updates for Wednesday, April 8: Utah is requiring a ’travel declaration’ from visitors; State awards $6.1M in bridge loans for small businesses

By The Salt Lake Tribune 12h ago

Robert Gehrke: Take a peek inside the nerve center controlling Salt Lake County’s coronavirus response

Robert Gehrke By Robert Gehrke 12h ago

Utah’s stay-at-home orders vary by county. Here’s what you need to know.

Tony Semerad By Tony Semerad 13h ago

Players, managers intrigued by baseball’s all-Arizona option

By Ronald Blum and David Brandt | AP Sports Writers 1d ago

Local leaders shut down popular recreation sites, campgrounds in Grand Staircase, San Rafael Swell, other hiking hot spots

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Six inmates, seven staffers at the Salt Lake County jails have coronavirus

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As COVID-19 testing slows, Utah has 1,738 cases and reports no new deaths

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A Salt Lake City lab is partnering with USADA, sports leagues and major universities in an extensive COVID-19 research project

By Eddie Pells | AP National Writer 1d ago

Coronavirus is now a leading killer. Here’s what the data shows in Utah and the U.S.

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Salt Lake City International Airport may need 2-3 years to recover from COVID-19 effects

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Wave at the hospital was the last time Utah wife saw her husband. He died a week later of COVID-19.

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A town on the Navajo Nation is technically in Utah, but its coronavirus numbers may be tallied in Arizona’s total

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Most cruise line companies don’t qualify to receive government assistance, except this one company with operations in Utah

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