Utah football coach Kyle Whittingham loves the theater — if he can stay awake

The Utah Utes football coach’s favorite Broadway plays were shown on the TV broadcast of Utah’s big win over San Diego State.

(Hunter Dyke | Utah Athletics) Utah head coach Kyle Whittingham speaks to his team during football practice in Salt Lake City on Wednesday, Aug. 03, 2022.

As the Utah Utes football team routed San Diego State on Saturday night, the TV broadcast revealed a more personal side of longtime coach Kyle Whittingham.

The broadcast showed a graphic labeled the “Broadway Plays,” and listed the top four picks for Whittingham and ESPN analyst Rod Gilmore. Whittingham’s top four were, in order, “Jersey Boys,” “Motown,” “Rock of Ages” and “Beautiful.”

Whittingham said after the game that Gilmore “wanted me to share that with you” and appeared amused that it showed up on the broadcast. When asked if he considered himself an avid theater-goer, he agreed and expanded on this taste. Although some thespians might take issue with which productions he enjoyed and which ones he, well, didn’t.

“I like to go to the theater” Whittingham said. “I slept solid through ‘[Les Misérables]’ and ‘Phantom of the Opera.’ I mean, I was out. It has to be the right one.”