Gordon Monson: I’m sorry, Ute fans. What I meant to say was, Utah now is where quarterbacks go to ‘thrive’

Cam Rising’s All-Pac-12 season deserves recognition — and an apology

(Francisco Kjolseth | The Salt Lake Tribune) Utah Utes quarterback Cameron Rising (7) makes a pass ahead of Colorado Buffaloes linebacker Carson Wells (26) as the University of Utah hosts the Colorado Buffaloes in Pac-12 football, Friday, Nov. 26, 2021 at Rice-Eccles Stadium.

I’m sorry.

There, I said it.

I have been asked by some Utah fans, the ones who paid no attention to the string of mediocre or underdeveloped Ute quarterbacks between Brian Johnson in 2008 and Tyler Huntley in 2018 — Tommy Grady, Terrance Cain, Jordan Wynn, Jon Hays, Travis Wilson, Adam Schulz, Kendal Thompson, Troy Williams, with a bit of Jason Shelley mixed in — followed by two high-profile recruits, Jack Tuttle and Peter Costelli, who blew out of the program, and two other quarterbacks, high-profile transfers Jake Bentley and Charlie Brewer, who failed at Utah, to apologize for a column I wrote earlier this season saying that Utah is where quarterbacks go to die.

That last part is, apparently, no longer true, not with the rise of the appropriately named Cam Rising, who has come on the way he has.

I’ve received hundreds of messages, in one form or another, from less-than-happy fans, bringing this to my attention. I thank you. I might have missed it otherwise.

So, I was a lot right and a little wrong.

I can admit that.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.


A sampling of messages on Twitter and elsewhere:

“Sssssssssswing and a miss.”

“We are laughing.”

“It’d be nice if Gordon would accept some accountability for his poor decisions.”

“Hey, @GordonMonson, @Utah_football has had the Pac-12 First Team QB for 2 out of the last 3 years. But you and your article said Utah is where QBs went to ‘die.’ How exactly does that work?”

“Take it easy on the facts … Gordo doesn’t care much for those …”

“This fiasco ranks right up there with your ‘Clueless Kyle’ article. I think it’s pretty clear the ‘clueless’ one was Gordon Monson all along.”

“He’s a tool and always has been. His articles are negative clickbait. Just ignore him even when he bitches about getting let go.”

“@UtahCoachWhitt and @Utah_Football are now accepting apologies. Feel free to write a correction piece. Isn’t that what the press does when they didn’t get the facts right?”

“Clown face emoji.”

“This didn’t age well.”

“Hi Gordon [picture of a clown].”

“Your shoddy sports journalism deserves all the smoke.”

“He is the sole reason I canceled my subscription to the @sltrib.”

“I know Gordon Monson has a career full of horrible articles, but this one should be on the top of his hall of shame articles.”

“Twitter is where Gordon Monsons [sic] s—- takes go to get laughed at.”

“Apologize s—-.”

“Let’s get him boys (meme with SpongeBob Squarepants characters holding pitchforks and torches).”

“He’s a schtick hack. Just looking for clicks for relevance. A wannabe.”

“Don’t come here once every two years … Nice of you to show up!”

“@GordonMonson I am interested in your take on how this QB came to die here? I am sure you have a follow up on it.”


“Say you’re sorry, m—————r.”

OK, as I already said, “I’m sorry.”

Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.

I was wrong, wrong, wrong.

Utah is where quarterbacks used to go to die.

Not anymore, not for the time being.