Real Salt Lake did not submit an appeal to review Marcelo Silva’s red card in RSL’s 1-1 draw at Los Angeles on Saturday, but the play sparked a discussion.

“To me, absolutely there’s a conversation to be had,” RSL coach Mike Petke said after training Thursday. “It’s not going to get overturned.”

RSL already has lost an appeal this year. Clubs post a $25,000 refundable bond before the season for up to two unsuccessful appeals, so RSL would take a financial hit if it were to lose a second appeal. And it would forfeit its right to appeal for the rest of the season. Teams have a 24-hour window after the game to submit an appeal to review a send-off decision.

Silva saw the red card for denial of an obvious goal scoring opportunity in the 14th minute of Saturday’s game.

Silva was the last man on defense as he and Giovani dos Santos jostled for the ball. Sliva pushed off of dos Santos’ shoulder and leapt out in front of him. Dos Santos threw up his hands, and referee Rubiel Vazquez blew his whistle and issued Silva a yellow card.

He changed the call to a red card after video review.

“To me it’s 100 percent not a red card,” Petke said. “I don’t even know if it was a foul.”

A similar play in Philadelphia’s 2-0 win over Seattle, which wasn’t ruled a foul, further inflamed RSL’s frustrations.

Philadelphia Union’s Fafa Picault chased after a long ball over the top of the back line, side-by-side with Seattle defender Kelvin Leerdam. Leerdam pushed his shoulder, and Picault went to the ground. The whistle never blew, and the game went on.

The Union’s team twitter account posted video of the play, which RSL goalkeeper Nick Rimando quoted-tweeted.

“All we want is consistency,” he said in the tweet. “IMO Silva’s red card decision by VAR was a tickle compared to this.”

Dallas decision

RSL continues to wait for a league ruling on a potential rule violation by FC Dallas in its scoreless draw with Orlando City.

As reported by FourFourTwo, Dallas violated FIFA and MLS rules by subbing Michael Barrios into the game in the 84th minute when he was ineligible to play due to his late removal from the starting lineup.

“All I have to hear or see is read the rules from FIFA and read the rules from the MLS bylaws,” Petke said, “and unless I read them wrong — and I could have, I could have — from what I’ve read both state that is a forfeiture. … For me, it’s the easiest decision in the world. For me, it should have been decided already. There’s some things in like that are clear cut and just simple, and to me that’s one of them. But I’ve been in this league long enough. Who the heck knows.”

A forfeit would take a point away from Dallas, putting it a point behind RSL in the Western Conference standings.

The league is expected to announce its decision before FC Dallas’ match at Colorado on Saturday.

Savarino’s injury

Jefferson Savarino’s ankle sprain doesn’t seem to be a quick mend.

The RSL winger left Saturday’s match with the injury, and he posted on Instagram Tuesday that it was a Grade II sprain.

“I’d love to be very, very optimistic but I can’t in this situation,” Petke said. “I don’t think that this extra week is going to do anything for him.”

Savarino was selected to the Venezuela national team for October World Cup qualifying matches, but he had to remain in Utah because of the injury, RSL communications said.

Rusnák gaining attention

BBC reported Tuesday that with rising interest from European teams Albert Rusnák would likely leave MLS in January, but that isn’t yet in RSL’s plans, according to general manager Craig Waibel.

“That’s news to me,” he said about the report.

The young designated player signed a multiyear contract in January, and unless another team was willing to pay an obscene amount, it would not make sense for RSL to sell its rising star after just a year.