DisCo adjusts its protocol to incorporate video review

A giant screen reports a VAR incident is being reviewed during the Confederations Cup, Group A soccer match between Portugal and Mexico, at the Kazan Arena, Russia, Sunday, June 18, 2017. (AP Photo/Martin Meissner)

The Disciplinary Committee has adjusted its guidelines accordingly with VAR up and running in MLS,.

DisCo has amended its third parameter, which is concerned with incidents the referee sees but does not issue a red card for, the league announced Thursday.

As it now is written, DisCo only will take disciplinary action for potential red-card plays that the VAR has reviewed if the committee determines the misconduct merits at least a two-match suspension.

Before this amendment, DisCo could issue a suspension if it unanimously agreed that the incident clearly warranted a red card and player safety or the integrity of the game was at risk.

In instances where the VAR has not checked the play or the violation does not fall under video review protocol, DisCo will proceed as usual. The commissioner retains the ability to issue supplemental discipline.

Another substitution 

MLS also has announced that teams will be granted a fourth substitution in any MLS Cup Playoff match that goes into the two 15-minute extra time periods.

In the conference semifinals and championships, two 15-minute extra time periods only are required if both the aggregate score of the two-match series is tied and the away goals tiebreaker rule doesn’t apply.

The extra time is added if the score is tied after 90 minutes in the MLS Cup.