The Triple Team is back, Utah Jazz fans. Here’s how to read it.

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Here’s some good news in Jazz land ...

The Triple Team is coming back!

For those unfamiliar, for the last 10 years and until the beginning of this season, I wrote a postgame recap called The Triple Team. Though the name has always been iffy, I was extremely proud of the product: three thoughts on every game that occurs during the Jazz’s season.

I always try to cover the most important aspect of every game, but points two and three of the Triple Team format allow for a lot of exploration during a Jazz season. Interesting quotes? New Xs and Os wrinkles from the Jazz’s coaching staff? League-wide trends? Trade ideas? Notes about the Jazz’s in-arena or on-TV experience? All stuff that really matters to fans.

It was a lot of fun!

For the last few months, I’ve been hearing from Jazz fans about how much they miss the Triple Team. After experimenting with other approaches ... it’s time we just return to old faithful.

But there is one new twist: After every game, the Triple Team will be delivered to your inbox for free.

Here’s how to sign up:

I can’t tell you this enough, and especially in the middle of a season: I appreciate your continued support of myself, our Jazz coverage, and the Salt Lake Tribune generally.

Andy Larsen