Utah Jazz polling fans on future jersey designs

The team is surveying fans at Vivint Arena this weekend.

(Utah Jazz) The new Utah Jazz yellow, black, and white jersey designs, plus the returning "purple mountain" one, will represent the team's new look beginning with the 2022-23 season.

Those who run the Utah Jazz have heard your complaints about the team’s new uniforms — and they’re asking for you to help to make them better.

On this six-game homestand — with a particular focus on this weekend — a team of pollsters working for Qualtrics will ask fans for their feedback on a slew of new possible jersey designs for the team moving forward, beginning in the 2024-25 season.

The process began earlier this week and fans will continue to be approached and surveyed at Vivint Arena as Qualtrics — the company founded by team owner Ryan Smith — seeks to collect a sample of data across all of the different kinds of fans who attend Jazz home games.

The process involves voting on a series of uniforms and color schemes the team has created. Fans will be shown images on an iPad, giving each a 1-10 rating.

There’s no way for fans to sign up to take the survey, nor will fans be allowed to take photos or screenshots of the new designs. The surveys are randomized, and show different jersey variations to different fans.

The franchise has said it used a smaller, focus-group-oriented approach to design the team’s current iteration of jerseys, which ESPN called “a crime against NBA art.” For his part, Smith has defended the jerseys while acknowledging changes would be made in the future.

“The data showed that purple was the No. 1 purchase online, and then when people got into the store, it was black and yellow, which was interesting. Look, it’s an evolution,” he said shortly after the team’s rebrand was launched. “Brands are going to evolve. There’s probably a fair argument we went a little too clean. OK. But it will evolve.”

The team has already interviewed hundreds of fans at Wednesday’s game against L.A., and hopes to survey thousands more in the two games on Friday and Saturday.

Once all of the data from this current survey is gathered, the Jazz say they’ll take fans’ preferences into account in selecting the team’s new look, two seasons down the road.