If you thought Rudy Gobert was tall, just look at Victor Wembanyama

The two players stood next to each other for a photo, and people on Twitter are reacting with virtual mouths agape.

Former Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert is one of the NBA’s tallest players, listed at 7-foot-1.

But there’s another player getting ready to take the NBA by storm that trumps all the other vertically gifted of the NBA. His name is Victor Wembanyama, a French player entering the 2023 NBA Draft.

Many teams are expected to tank for the best chance at nabbing Wembanyama, including the Jazz. Take a look at this photo that has quickly made the Twitter rounds, and it’s not difficult to see why.

Wembanyama reportedly stands at 7-foot-4. (If you google him, 7-foot-2 is what comes up.) But the aforementioned photo shows Wembanyama and Gobert posing for a photo next to each other and the former is clearly more than one inch taller than the latter.

Not only that. The younger Frenchman also has a longer wingspan compared to Gobert, which is one of the more coveted attributes NBA teams like in a player.

In a video taken by an NBA reporter, Gobert can be heard saying, “I feel small” as he was getting ready to take the photo with Wembanyama.

NBA players famously overinflate their height so they are more desirable for teams looking to fill a roster spot. But if there was any speculation that Wembanyama wasn’t actually 7-foot-4, standing next to Gobert should put a stop to that.