Utah Jazz’s Jordan Clarkson becomes a viral sensation for interview gone wrong

Local station KUTV talked to him on the street about Jazz fandom, without knowing he was a player on the team.

(Rick Egan | The Salt Lake Tribune) Utah Jazz guard Jordan Clarkson (00) takes some shots, during the pre-game warm-up, before game one in the NBA playoff series between the Utah Jazz and the LA Clippers, at Vivint Arena, on Tuesday, June 8, 2021.

Man-on-the-street interviews are known for producing unpredictable results.

Doing a piece on Utah Jazz fandom, and then unknowingly interviewing a Jazz player as a part of it, just takes it to a whole new level, though.

Jazz guard and reigning NBA Sixth Man of the Year Jordan Clarkson became a viral sensation Friday for playing along with a crew for Salt Lake City-based television station KUTV.

Reporter Hayley Crombleholme and cameraman Randy Likness were filming at the downtown City Creek shopping center, asking random passersby questions about the team’s announcement earlier that day that game attendees this coming season will be required to either show proof of vaccination or of a negative COVID-19 test 72 hours prior.

They stopped the 6-foot-4 Clarkson, who just happened to be shopping there, and asked him to be a part of the segment, apparently oblivious to the fact that he plays for the team.

Crombleholme asked him to say and spell his name, which he did — and no alarm bells were set off. Then, in a three-second clip that will live on in Jazz lore forever, Crombleholme asked him if he attended any Jazz games …

To which Clarkson straightforwardly replies, “Yeah, a lot.”

Crombleholme would later tweet her embarrassment about the belated revelation.

“Welp, pretty sure @rlikness and I just interviewed @JordanClarksons off the street without realizing it was Jordan Clarkson [facepalming emoji] I have some follow-up questions…”

She would also add: “Had him spell his name and everything. I’m only mildly (okay highly) embarrassed.”

Clarkson, for his part, as the self-appointed leader of the Jazz’s “Good Vibes Tribe,” found the humor in it and quote-tweeted Crombleholme’s original post, adding, “haha Lets GO JAZZ! Cant wait to get started!!!”

Several of his Jazz teammates found the situation in general and Clarkson’s deadpan response hilarious, with Joe Ingles tweeting, “’yeah a lot,’” followed by “I’m dyinggggggggg,” and Donovan Mitchell adding, “This is comedy.”

Clarkson summed up the silliness of the situation by concluding, “just happy i spelled my name right.”