Craig Bolerjack has been covering the Utah Jazz since the summer Karl Malone came to town and he has been the team’s television play-by-play voice for 13 seasons.

On this episode of the Weekly Run podcast, Bolerjack is kind enough to stop by the studio to take a stroll down memory lane and reflect on some of his favorite Jazz memories and a wild 2017-18 season.

Grab your headphones, download the episode, and buckle up.

The rundown:

At 2:15 — Bolerjack has followed the Jazz for KSL and the team since 1985. He talks about some of his favorite memories, and why the current Jazz team gives him hope for the future.

At 7:55 — The Jazz’s loss at Atlanta this year was the bottom for the team. At the same time, Bolerjack and his broadcast crew started discussing how best to cover a struggling squad. How does the former news reporter balance objectivity as a team employee?

At 12:35 — Bolerjack takes us back to his first play-by-play days during college in Manhattan, Kan., his tips for keeping his voice strong all season, and his game prep.

At 19:35 — The broadcaster wanted to hold out judgment on Donovan Mitchell early in the season. He’s definitely among the believers now and says Mitchell has an It-Factor unlike any Jazzman before him.

At 23:40 — Bolerjack looks at some of the best storylines from Utah’s playoff run and says he thinks the foundation is in place for something big to happen in Salt Lake City.

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