Home-court advantage was within reach, but after a loss to Portland the Jazz will open up the playoffs on the road.

Why imagine being able to be magically whisked away to Oklahoma City when you can do it for real instead?

On the latest Weekly Run Podcast, we look at some key matchups in this first-round series between the Jazz and Thunder, the double-edge of Russell Westbrook’s greatness, and why our Tony Jones is wrong to complain about the OKC night life.

At 1:35 — Jazz let home court advantage slip away. Should fans be upset?

At 4:00 — First-round preview: Kyle says it comes down to what you believe is going to be most important. Is it personnel? Or is it style?

At 6:30 — What will Gobert’s impact be in this series?

At 9:00 — The double-edged sword that is Russell Westbrook’s greatness.

At 15:30 — Tony Jones has already managed to upset the government of Oklahoma City.

At 20:00 — Aside from Jazz-Thunder, what is the most interesting first-round matchup?

At 23:30 — Awards odds for Snyder, Gobert and Mitchell.

At 25:00 — Ben Simmons goes 100 and Donovan Mitchell wears a hoodie most shade-full.

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