Cincinnati alum Travis Kelce lost a bet and wore a BYU jersey. But what would’ve happened if his Bearcats had won?

A lot was on the line during BYU’s first home Big 12 game last week.

(Screenshot) Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce sports a BYU jersey on an episode of his "New Heights" podcast. Kelce, a Cincinnati alum, was given the jersey after losing a bet involving the Bearcats and Cougars game last weekend.

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce has been in the news mostly for his relationship status these days. But on his New Heights podcast on Wednesday, the All-Pro got attention for a different reason ... wearing a BYU jersey.

The Cincinnati alum made a bet with several people within the Chiefs’ facility last week. Kansas City has a number of BYU connections, including head coach Andy Reid.

Before the Cougars hosted Cincinnati at home last week, Kelce agreed to wear a BYU jersey on his podcast if the Bearcats lost. A 35-27 defeat later and here was the final product:

“We had a good gentleman’s bet in the locker room, really the entire facility because we’ve got a handful of BYU guys and a couple UC fellas,” Kelce explained. “It was an even line almost the entire week so we just went win or loss. Sure enough Cincinnati lost ...”

What would’ve happened had BYU lost?

“They all had to drink a beer with me,” Kelce said, laughing. “I’m kidding.”

In actuality, Kelce said, he’d asked his colleagues from BYU to join him for a Las Vegas pool party some time.

“They would go to that,” he said.

Kelce’s brother, Eagles offensive lineman Jason Kelce, seemed surprised.

“I don’t know what is more ungodly?” he said. “You don’t know what you’re about to see at that Vegas pool party now.”

After the loss, Kelce said he spoke with BYU associate athletic director Chad Lewis about the game. Reid obviously knew about it too.

The entire bit was a change of pace for Kelce, who will inevitably go back to answering Taylor Swift questions this week.