Eye on the Y: Celebrating my two-year anniversary of living in the Beehive State with a memorable BYU-Utah game

The latest game in the rivalry series won’t soon be forgotten by Cougar fans

(Rick Egan | The Salt Lake Tribune) BYU fans storm the field as the Brigham Young Cougars defeat the Utah Utes 26-17, at Lavell Edwards Stadium in Provo, on Saturday, Sept. 11, 2021.

I moved to Utah two years ago. My first game was the 2019 USC game, when fans stormed the field after BYU won the overtime thriller. Last night, I got to see the field at LaVell Edwards Stadium filled with fans once more, albeit from a different vantage point.

It was insane.

Saturday night was insane.

My day actually started much earlier than the 8:15 p.m. kickoff time. I walked through the midday rain in Provo to one of the tailgating locations. I had never been to a tailgate before and wanted to see what they were like at BYU.

Fans set up trailers, trucks, numerous tables, TVs and had a plethora of food and drinks. Most surprisingly, though, was how BYU and Utah fans mingled seamlessly.

Maybe it’s because I’ve mostly seen tailgates on TV or in movies, but I always thought opposing fans stayed on their side of the parking lot. Sure, there was the occasional mild-mannered jeer casually screamed between parties when someone would walk by with either a BYU or Utah shirt, but it was always received with a smile.

With many houses divided, many tents had a mixture of BYU and Utah fans playing corn hole together, sharing meals together and, most importantly, sharing laughs together.

I don’t know the BYU-Utah rivalry of the past, but it seemed like it was left on the field for the players to decide. Fans were just there for the ride.

But then come game time, the Cougars finally got the win they’ve been searching for more than a decade for. The game was exciting and fun. It was the perfect game to open up BYU’s home schedule with and to welcome fans back with.

It may have been a late night, but it’s definitely going to be tucked into my mental folder of most memorable games I’ve covered throughout my career.

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