Eye on the Y: Getting to know Zach Wilson a little bit more. Maybe too much?

BYU quarterback Zach Wilson (1) throws against Texas State in the first half during an NCAA college football game Saturday, Oct. 24, 2020, in Provo, Utah. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

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Because I know y’all signed up for this newsletter to get the insight and knowledge that isn’t quickly available through a simple Google search, here’s a bomb for you: Zach Wilson watches “The Bachelorette.”
I don’t know why, but when I found that out Tuesday night, it really made me chuckle. I’ve known a couple of other guys are part of Bachelor Nation — Kyle Griffitts stands out in particular. But Zach comes off, and is always described, as a serious dude. That’s why the news was surprising.

And it wasn’t just surprising to me.

Offensive coordinator Jeff Grimes was watching film of third-down cut ups and texted Zach on Tuesday night to ask if he was doing the same, something the BYU starting quarterback usually does, but was thrown for a loop when Zach responded that he was watching Clare completely ruin relationships with every man who’s not named Dale. (No, that wasn’t his exact response and yes, I also watch “The Bachelorette.”)

“So I gave him a hard time about that, because it’s unusual for me to find him not watching film when I text him and I’m watching film,” Grimes said. “But I was talking to him about something and he goes ‘oh, but be sure, coach, I’m going to watch some film after this.' He’s a film junkie and he’s that way because he loves the game.”

According to Zach, he believes a lot more people watch the reality show than they’d like to admit. But he thought he’d have some fun with Grimes when he got the text from his coach.

“A bunch of our coaches watch it,” Zach said. “I don’t care what they say, I know they watch it. I’m with me and my three roommates, two of our main receivers, at home watching it. There’s a whole bunch of guys that watch it. ... We come to find out the next day in practice that a lot more people watch than he thought.”

Dax Milne to celebrate his mother Saturday

BYU’s Halloween night game against Western Kentucky will also serve as the Cougars' Cancer Awareness game. And Dax will be the one to run out onto the field with the pink breast cancer awareness flag.

While the flag represents breast cancer, the junior’s mom battled Stage 4 colon and liver cancer two years ago, when Dax was a freshman at BYU.

Almost a year in remission, Dax’s mother will be sitting in the stands in LaVell Edwards Stadium on Saturday to cheer on her son.

“She was fortunate enough to make it through and her scans kept coming back clean,” Dax said. “She’s doing great these days and I’m just hoping she stays great and healthy.”

More thoughts

• If you’re a fan of Cosmo the Cougar, expect his antics to rise to another level on Saturday when Western Kentucky’s mascot, Big Red, makes a visit to Provo. Both mascots faced off in the SiriusXM Mascot National Championship this past April. Any guesses on what Cosmo will pull off?

• I really hope the other BYU media guys weren’t pulling my leg when they said they’d be dressing up for Saturday’s game. This is my first Halloween football game and am so ready to dress up, but if I end up being the only one in the press box in costume, it’ll just be sad.

• Anyone else excited for the start of basketball? The season is less than a month away and both BYU men’s and women’s basketball teams were picked to finish second in the WCC.

Other voices

Jake Lourim of FiveThirtyEight believes BYU is making a compelling case to crash the College Football Playoff. I think it’s much more of a long shot, but I do think the Cougars could land in a NY6 bowl if they keep winning.
• Robby McCombs of Vanquish the Foe wrote about BYU being, once again, the heavy favorite on Saturday. The Cougars are 27-point favorites over Western Kentucky.

Normita’s Spanish Lesson of the Week


I thought I’d go for an easy one this week. This word literally just means costume.

Example: “Espero ver muchos diferentes disfraces en el estadio este sábado.”

Translation: “I hope to see many different costumes in the stadium this Saturday.”

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