Utah’s NHL team has logos and colors for next season — and, in some cases, beyond

The team released its look for its inaugural season on Thursday.

Utah’s NHL team still doesn’t have a name, but its identity is starting to take shape.

On Thursday, the club released logos and colors for its inaugural season. While its name for next year, Utah Hockey Club, may only be temporary (unless fans vote otherwise) its colors will be part of the team’s look going forward.

(Utah Hockey Club) A look at the team's jerseys and colors for next season.

Those colors — “Rock Black,” an ode to the volcanic rock, “Salt White,” in honor of the state’s salt flats and “Mountain Blue” — are meant to pay homage to Utah. They also are designed to be complementary to the recently redesigned look of the Utah Jazz, Smith Entertainment Group’s flagship franchise.

The first merchandise for the team will be available for sale at the NHL Draft party at the Delta Center.

Meanwhile, fan voting continues for the club’s permanent name. Recently, SEG announced its list of candidates had been pared down to six: Mammoth, Yeti, Blizzard, Outlaws, Venom and Utah Hockey Club.

The current round of voting will close on June 20. A third round will open sometime after that.