Wild Rose Trail the sweetest hike in North Salt Lake

Short trek with little elevation gain but great views is great for kids, new hikers

(Photo courtesy of Anthony L. Solis) | Bright yellow balsamroot flowers speckle the foothills around which winds the Wild Rose Loop Trail in North Salt Lake City on Wednesday, May 19, 2021.

Sweet seems to be the most fitting descriptor for the Wild Rose Trail. From its name to the scent of its multitude of wildflowers to the easygoing nature of the path itself, this North Salt Lake trail encourages meandering.

The basic loop curls 1.75 miles around the hillside, taking hikers through cool, enchanted stretches under gambel oak and up onto warm ridges with vast views of the Great Salt Lake, the Oquirrh Mountains and up to Ogden. Right now, the hills are popping with yellow balsamroot, red indian paintbrushes and purple phlox.

(Photo courtesy of Anthony L. Solis) The mellow Wild Rose Loop Trail in North Salt Lake City, seen Wednesday, May 19, 2021, is suitable for young kids.

At the lookout, kids especially will enjoy watching planes below them glide past Antelope Island as they prepare to land at the Salt Lake City International Airport. While the trail, which has no steep climbs, is great for children (the playground at the end is a great incentive), it is also open to on-leash dogs and bikes. Mountain bikers have their own designated downhill trails within the loop and maps are available at regular intervals.

And anyone who desires a little more sour with the sweet can easily add on mileage and incline. One option is to take the farthest east arm of the loop and connect with the Woodbriar and Eagle Crest loop to make a 3.7-mile route with almost 600 additional feet of elevation gain.

A few shortcuts also exist for anyone wanting less mileage.

(Julie Jag | The Salt Lake Tribune) With little effort, the Wild Rose Loop Trail in North Salt Lake City offers vast views of the Oquirrh Mountains and the Great Salt Lake on Wednesday, May 19, 2021.

The Hike: From the Wild Rose Trailhead Park, follow the narrow, paved path up past the picnic tables and through the bicycle gates, where it turns to dirt. After a total of 500 feet, the path splits. Go left and then take an immediate right and head uphill. A quarter mile into the hike, the path splits again. Veer slightly right to continue on the loop. In .17 miles, you’ll reach a T with a bench off to the right. Go left instead and begin to catch glimpses of the Great Salt Lake. Hike .15 miles until you see back-to-back trails going to the left and down. Take the second one. Soon after, at the V, you’ll keep right. In .2 miles, veer left and head to the ridgeline. The overlook is a .1-mile round-trip detour. Once you’ve feasted your eyes, return to the trail that goes down and to the right. Follow that path down the hill for about three-quarters of a mile. After you’ve hiked a total of 1.5 miles, you’ll hit the main junction that, when you turn right, will take you back to the park.

Getting There: From I-15, exit 312 for Beck Street. Follow it to Eagle Ridge Drive and turn right. Go straight through the traffic circle, then turn right onto Eaglepointe Drive. In a third of a mile, turn left onto Sky Crest Lane.

Region: Davis County

Destination: Wild Rose Loop Trail

Distance: 1.75 miles

Time: 1 hour

Elevation Gain: 304 feet

Dog Allowed: Yes

Restrooms: Yes

Biking: Yes