Here are the Utah high schools that moved up or down in athletic classifications

(Trent Nelson | The Salt Lake Tribune) A football game at Syracuse High School on Thursday, September 12, 2013 in Syracuse.

The Utah High School Activities Association’s board of trustees on Wednesday finalized classifications and made a first pass at regions for the 2021-2023 realignment.

Sixteen high schools changed classifications compared to the previous alignment in all sports except football. The most change came in 4A.

Park City and Mountain View will move down to 4A from 5A. Canyon View, Juan Diego, Ogden and Ben Lomand will move down from 4A to 3A. Meanwhile, Cedar Valley moved up to 5A from 4A.

In the bigger classifications, Mountain Ridge went up from 5A to 6A, as did Farmington. Northridge dropped from 6A to 5A.

For football only, there was more movement in the bigger classifications. Farmington and Mountain Ridge moved up to 5A from 6A, and Northridge moved down from 6A to 5A. Cedar Valley went from 4A to 5A.

Three schools moved down from 4A to 3A: Canyon View, Ogden and Ben Lomand.

Schools on enrollment bubbles that requested placement in specific classifications largely got those requests granted.

For now, 3A is proposed to split into four regions in all sports except football. It was three in the previous realignment.

But for football only, there’s a significant proposed shift. On the previous realignment, the board nixed the 1A classification and replaced it with 2A North and South. Now, 1A is back.

However, classifications 1A-3A are split into North and South divisions, making 4A-6A the only classifications subdivided into regions.

The association will hold a public hearing next Wednesday to consider any changes to the proposed alignment of regions. The board of trustees will finalize the entire realignment the following morning.

What follows is a look at the new classifications and the proposed region realignments.

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