The Jazz are still hot, but can they get even better?

On this week’s episode, hosts Andy Larsen and Eric Walden talk about the still-hot Jazz. Mike Conley has returned and looked good, what’s happening with the rotation? We talk about Royce O’Neale’s new deal. Finally, we minimize expectations for the trade deadline... a deal could be done, but it’s unlikely to be a big one.

Of course, we open by talking about Eric’s love for bad rock-and-roll jackets.

The breakdown:

0:00: Dennis Lindsey took some good-natured shots at Eric, which he richly deserved

5:20: Are the Jazz winning because they avoid the yellow jerseys?

9:40: Mike Conley’s contributions, the rotation changes, and what it means for the Jazz

18:40: Royce O’Neale’s new extension

26:10: Trade deadline talk... will the Jazz make a move around the edges?

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