When Jazz star Donovan Mitchell signed an expanded shoe contract last year with Adidas, much was promised: a signature shoe, a media push tied with a big-picture movie release, and expanding the reach of his personal story.

And now, it’s all coming true.

Adidas formally announced the launch of Mitchell’s signature shoe on Wednesday morning, the D.O.N. Issue #1, in conjunction with the release of Marvel’s “Spider-Man: Far From Home” movie on July 2. The shoe will have four colorways, all themed with Spider-Man in mind, released a few weeks apart throughout the summer.

MARVEL’S AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: “A red, blue, and white colorway with webbing detailed across the side pays homage to the one and only Spider-Man, and the latest film installment in Marvel’s Spider-Man franchise," says Adidas. Available July 1.

(Photo courtesy of Adidas)

SYMBIOTE SPIDER-MAN: “Shock pink, core black, white and silver, with teeth as fierce as the character,” says Adidas. Available July 18.

(Photo courtesy of Adidas)

STEALTH SPIDER-MAN: “Black and green with glow in the dark details.” Available Aug. 1.

(Photo courtesy of Adidas)

MARVEL’S IRON SPIDER: “Red and metallic gold to honor the legendary Iron Spider.” Available Aug. 31.

(Photo courtesy of Adidas)

To promote both the shoe and the movie, Mitchell released a crossover commercial featuring Spider-Man star Tom Holland.

And finally, Mitchell published an article — and associated 10-minute video — on the Players’ Tribune Wednesday morning about his journey to the NBA and the Utah Jazz, entitled “The Dream.” His mother, Nicole Mitchell, features as an intervening “guest editor,” telling her side of the story throughout the piece.

That leads to exchanges like this:

"Editor’s note: Honestly, I was thinking like any mother of a 20-year-old boy. I was just praying, Keep my baby far away from New York, L.A. and Miami! He needs a stable environment! I was very pleased with Utah. Very pleased.

Donovan: I know guys in the league say, “Oh yeah, I love X, Y, Z city.”

But man, I genuinely love Utah. The way that the city embraced me as a rookie is something that I didn’t even think was possible."

Mitchell is still working on his game, clearly: He and new teammate Mike Conley just worked out earlier this week. But regardless of the NBA fame he’s experienced so far, this week must seem like none other he’s ever experienced.