How did we get here?

Yes, it was highly improbable that the Jazz face the Houston Rockets, especially in the middle of the games Wednesday night. But it has come to pass, making the Jazz’s road in the playoffs as hard as it can be.

On this week’s edition of the Weekly Run podcasts, hosts Eric Walden and Andy Larsen start their breakdown of the Jazz/Rockets series.

Why might it be different than last year? Do we think those differences will help the Jazz? What does Ricky Rubio’s likely presence and Trevor Ariza’s absence do to the series? We break down how much the changes might matter.

Plus, the day after the regular season ends is always a bloody one. We talk about all of the firings in the NBA that took place Thursday.

At 5:00 • Where does this series stand compare to last year’s? Will Ricky Rubio’s return help?

At 12:00 • What the Milwaukee Bucks did against James Harden in their win in March. Can the Jazz copy that strategy?

At 16:31 • How much has Chris Paul slipped this year?

At 24:15 • Okay, what are the reasons for Jazz fans to hope?

At 30:00 • How might this impact the Jazz’s offseason?

At 37:55 • The coach and GM firings in the NBA.

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