The NBA season only has six days left. Worse, since to Monday’s NCAA basketball final inspired a day of NBA rest, there are only five days left of actual games. Weird, right?

But to Eric Walden and Andy Larsen, that just means looking forward to the playoffs. It’s looking likely — but certainly not guaranteed — that the Jazz play the Blazers in the first round. What would that mean for the Jazz, especially given that they’ve given large point totals to scoring guards in the last 10 days? Larsen isn’t worried, for one.

We also discuss Rudy Gobert’s dealings with the media, Thabo Sefolosha’s play, and Grayson Allen’s bright stretch.

At 1:50 • Rudy Gobert deals well with the media, which we give him props for. What does he think, and what did we think, of the Coltrane-inspired album the Jazz made him?

At 13:00 • The probabilities of who the Jazz will face in the postseason and when.

At 18:00 • They’ve given up large point totals to opposing guards. Is that a worry if they face Damian Lillard or James Harden?

At 25:10 • How likely is it that the Jazz will go into the playoffs healthy? Will Thabo Sefolosha or Grayson Allen play? What have they brought recently?

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