The Jazz will continue to be significantly short-handed for the near-term future.

Team doctors re-evaluated the injuries of Ricky Rubio (hamstring strain), Dante Exum (ankle sprain), Raul Neto (groin strain) and Thabo Sefolosha (hamstring strain) on Tuesday and found that none were yet ready to return to play.

Rubio, Neto and Sefolosha will be re-evaluated next Tuesday to see if they’ll be able to return then. Exum’s return to play will take longer, as he’s slated to be re-evaluated on Jan. 29.

Without Rubio, Exum and Neto, the Jazz have no traditional point guard on the roster. Donovan Mitchell has started in the position recently, with Royce O’Neale taking his shooting guard spot. Joe Ingles takes over ball-handling duties while Mitchell is out, and the return of Grayson Allen has helped there as well.